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Metal Wine Racking Systems

Metal wine racking systems are contemporary, functional and an affordable storage options for your wine collection. They can be custom designed to suit any space and can also be powdered, coated or painted to suit your desired colour scheme.

Our Materials



The choice of steel wine racks is complemented by either a Tasmanian Oak frame or Steel frame.  The frames can be powder coated or the timber stained to suit the style of your custom designed wine cellar.


Aluminium Pegs

We also offer polished Aluminium wine pegs for your custom wine cellar racking. Wine Storage pegs are a modern system that produce a very clean and modern look for your wine cellar. They are flexible in the wall area and allow for significant number of wine bottles to be stored. Made with a non-corrosive high polish finish, our aluminium wine pegs will stand the test of time.

Aluminium wine pegs are available to fit:

  • Horizontally against a wall: choose pegs that support a single bottle, 2 bottles or 3 bottles.
  • Perpendicular to a wall: pegs that support a single bottle.

Wine pegs are available in a range of anodized colours. Using metal wine racking systems, Red Wine Cellars can create a unique wine cellar for your home, restaurant or commercial premises.

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Metal Wine Racking Projects

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