Kew Wine Cellar Project-3

Wine Cellars: the latest luxury property trend

Australia’s top selling houses all have a pool and tennis court but to make a property shine out above the rest a Premium Wine Cellar will set it apart. The Luxury home market is searching for features that are designed to impress with elements that create the opulence and grandeur of Australia’s most impressive homes. 

Matthew Pillios of Marshall White real estate notes that in the luxury Bayside market, ‘a wine cellar can add a touch of class to any home. Having a vast selection of wines correctly stored at home can allow you to bring out the right bottle for the right occasion. Whether that be a special celebration, a dinner party or even just when you are relaxing to watch your favourite movie.’ There is no question that a beautiful Custom Wine Cellar will increase the interest of potential home buyers in the executive market. 

The number of Melbourne homes with bespoke wine cellars has significantly increased over the past decade. This has led to the quality and scale of Melbourne Wine Cellars significantly increasing. This trend has also moved into the mainstream with television shows, such as the Block, highlighting their benefits to home buyers. The Block‘s executive producer Julian Cress said that the inclusion of wine cellars at the South Yarra apartments was a must for the type of buyers the contestants are trying to attract.

“Purchasers get really excited when they see where their wine collections can go and envisage themselves living in a place with a cellar,” he said.

Kay and Burton’s Nicole Gleeson agrees, saying that ‘properties with a wine-storage facility have been popular among buyers at the top end of the market for some time’. There is a  prestige that comes along with a home that possess a quality Wine Cellar. 

The Premium Wine Cellars are often built into purpose designed spaces that are insulated and provide Temperature conditioning for the Wine Storage. The insulating is a component built into the walls during construction and the Thermal control systems are discreetly integrated. Modern properties such as Penthouse apartments and large townhouses often utilise additional rooms, under stair Cellars and central rooms cellars without direct sunlight for the construction of modern Wine Cellars.  The custom wine cellars in executive properties are designed as both entertaining spaces and Wine Storage for personal use and as an investment for the maturing of Red Wine. 

The inclusion of a Wine Cellar will increase the value and demand of a luxury property, broadening the market appeal and increasing the functionality and beauty of a Prestige home.