Camberwell Wine Cellar Project-3

Benefits of wine cellars

The immediate ROI of a wine Cellar is both the functionality that it provides to a wine collector and the Aesthetic joy that a beautifully custom built wine cellar will provide. A wine cellar will provide immense personal benefits for wine lovers and its ROI benefits become more significant over time.

Custom Wine cellars are often built in areas that would otherwise be unused, wine cellars add to your home’s resale value. When you’re ready to sell  your custom wine Cellar will stand out in potential buyers’ minds. It will be a unique and beautiful feature of a home.

The cost benefits of a custom built cellar go beyond your home’s resale value. Storing a bottle of wine within a temperature controlled environment for the recommended vintage cellar duration can significantly increase the financial value of the wine and the pleasure of consumption. Once you build the space, you can strategically buy an increasing number of vintages as an investment that will pay off down the road.