Build the cellar of your dreams

Project Management

Red Wine Cellars ensure the highest quality outcome by consulting with you throughout the design and build process. We work with architects, builders and clients directly to create beautiful cellars. The cellar space can be added as part of a newly built house, a room transformed into an above or underground cellar, under stair cellar or garage cellar. Our experienced team of cellar designers and builders can transform any space into a beautiful and functional cellar, showcasing and protecting your wine collection and increasing the value of your property.

Our Projects

Red Wine Cellars is committed to delivering high-quality projects that present innovative design solutions and excellent value through careful control of cost and programme that ensure client satisfaction. Browse our selection of wine cellar projects that have been designed, managed and built by Red Wine Cellars for residential and commercial purposes.

Custom Built Quality Cellars

Phase 1

At Red Wine Cellars we adhere to a systematic project management approach. Following your initial contact we prioritise communicating with you to determine your requirements, constraints and desires. This directs the initial planning stage to develop and achieve your new wine cellar. The bottle capacity requirements, available cellar space, temperature and insulation requirements as well as design aesthetics are considered in the initial planning stage to ensure that the client directs the overall perspective of their wine cellar utilising our expert advice. This process of consultation and planning leads to the initial design and overall perspective of your Wine Cellar Project.

Phase 2

With the initial phase undertaken the project has taken shape and can be further refined to prepare for the final design and construction of the Wine Cellar racking and insulation stage. A site visit and final consultation are required to ensure that the client has the details of the project clearly outlined and any alterations can be addressed. Detailed consultation and exacting measurements are undertaken to ensure that the construction of the wine racking proceeds without delay. Following the measurement and consultation the final design specifications are established. This is combined with a detailed contract that ensures that the specific details of the project are covered off and documented. The construction of the custom built wine racking is a detailed and time consuming process that requires exacting craftsmanship and clear and detailed plans.

Phase 3

The final phase of the design, development and construction of a wine cellar is the execution of the installation and then the project close. The consultation and attention to detail is what sets Red Wine Cellars aside from all others. Your wine cellar installation is carried out by professionals with extensive experience in carpentry, wine storage, conditioning systems and cellar insulation. All components are installed with the greatest care and consideration to ensure that the final outcome matches the initial expectations of the client. The project is finalised with the consultation and satisfaction of the client and final signoff from the head of Red Wine Cellars.