Build the cellar of your dreams

Collingwood Apartment Wine Cellar with Display wine rows and Double Glazed surround.

We transform any space from the darkest cobweb filled space or empty room to a beautiful and functional wine cellar and storage space. 

Western Red Cedar Climate controlled Wine Cellar

Collingwood Apartment Wine Cellar

Western Red Cedar wine racking in top floor apartment. 

The cellar is the feature of the living space, inspiring fine dining and luxury living. 

The cellar was then filled with an impressive collection of Wines by the team at Stocked Cellars. The cellar was curated with a diverse mix of 30 dozen wines for the family to enjoy and build on for years to come.

Penthouse Cellar

This penthouse Cellar features climate control and Red Cedar Wine Racking. The Display bottles are highlighted with high grade LED concealed strip lighting. The climate control system is supplied by Friax Wine Cellar Conditioners. Double Glazed low E glass around with side and drop seals at the entrance.